If I’m Being Honest

I’m going to be real with you here, I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. As previously stated I started this blog on a whim, and while I am very excited to be writing where other real people can see it I have no idea where I want to go with this. Maybe you can help me out?

Obviously I love writing and even more than that I love my characters. I could write hundreds of posts about my characters and where they came from, but I kind of doubt that you would be interested in that. Is this a correct assumption?

I love all things geeky and I love writing about them. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, Game of Thrones (ASOIAF for my readers out there), Twilight (HAHAHA just kidding), and all things Anne McCaffrey so really any suggestions relating to any of these (literature or film) I would almost definitely be down for.

Can you help me out? What would you like to read on here? Reviews of books I read and movies I see (they won’t be that often I’m a busy girl)? Looking at characterization in these different books? Talking about my stories and characters? Talking about writing in general and what I’ve found works for me?

Please please please comment and let me know what you would like to see! It’s not a blog with real people reading it without you real people to read it :).




  1. Talk about what intrigues you. If you’d like to read about why certain characters resonate with their writer, then write about that. If you like talking about how other writers inspire you and what you learned from being enthralled with the worlds and characters those writers created, then talk about that.

    I don’t think you need a format or a plan. If you read my blog, you see it is about my D&D game and world. I write about things that interest me, because at the end of the day, this isn’t about money or fame, it’s about doing something that makes me happy. I encourage you to do the same. If we write things that we like, then we have made at least ourselves happy. If others come and enjoy those words and phrases, then that is just extra happiness.

    Write and Enjoy the Sheer Act of Writing.

    Game On,

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