Cedar and Cherry

A Natural Love


I first saw her, elegant and beautiful as a goddess

Eternally lovely as if planted by an artist

Across the street comforting her weeping friend,

Leaving me wishing I could simply extend a hand.


She was just blossoming, could be outshone by none

Pink and alive and brilliant in the shining sun.

I did not think she would have noticed me,

For she was irreplaceable while I was one of many.


It seemed that she was stretching toward me

Calling that if I could get across the concrete sea,

My undying love for her would be returned,

So I began to reach out to what I hoped to earn.


She watched as I reached across time and space

And she leaned in my direction, though rooted in place.

Months and years went by as we moved slowly with intent.

The world changed around us, but we were somehow distant.


I was tireless until that instant when I was suddenly secure.

Our fingertips brushed and it was at that moment I was sure

That she, as fragile and divine as a dove,

She was my one and only love.


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