Newsflash: I’m writing again!

I’m writing my stories again! And I have this blog and my new Twitter account to thank for it!

Why did I stop in the first place? Well, in early 2011, all my projects came to a screeching halt when I got a new boyfriend. It’s dumb I know but for some reason I just stopped everything. I have all my word documents dated so I can see that all my big things were completely ignored by May 2011 and that’s just sad. I didn’t completely stop, I kept writing little things and actually finished most of them. I also devoted a lot of my time to my other hobbies (mostly miniatures). I have a couple of nice things to show from the last 3 years, some mermaid short stories and all my Hunger Games stuff came from this time as well so it was definitely not a dead period, but my favorite, big ones were shoved aside. I also wrote a BOSS story about a Targaryen queen recently if anyone is interested in that.

But this blog and the inspiring people I’m following here and on Twitter have inspired me to look back at some of the original stories I was working on before I stopped. Yesterday I was looking at what was going to be a collection of short stories about two feuding clans in a race of elves. Each story would be a different character telling their story and leading toward the overall plot. I got through three before May 2011 and I still really like them and the idea, so yesterday I went back in time and added an entire story to the list! My new tentative goal is to write two or three stories a week so that I can FINALLY finish one of my biggest undertakings in my writing. Wish me luck!



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