In an unexpected plot twist, I get to go to SoCon2014 on Saturday! This is the annual social media conference held at KSU. It’s the largest social media conference in the southeast and runs from 9-4 on 2/22. Now, I’m obviously a newbie in the world of social media (I barely know how to use Twitter) so I’m mostly going for the experience and the chance to meet a variety of higher ups in different companies. There will be marketing people from all over the southeast as well as social media representatives from colleges and educators themselves.

The layout of the day starts with four keynote speakers then we all break up and choose three talks to go to for the rest of the day. The session I’m going to before lunch is called Rip Off the Band-Aid and Blog Already which I’m SUPER excited about. It basically sounds like blogging basics from the description and shows how to set up a blog and how to create material. I’m also going to Social Chaos: Moving from Panic to Plan, and The Power of Personal Branding Through  the Use of Social Media.

I may or may not have mentioned this before but this blog and attached Pinterest, Verity Frost in her entirety actually, is my experiment with media. This is my introduction to the world of blogging and tweeting and I’m using it as an experiment to learn about social media and to find my niche. That’s the main goal of “The Verity Experiment” and I’m really looking forward to SoCon14 to help me out with finding my place in the vast World Wide Web.

Anyone else out there going to SoCon14 on Saturday?


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