Who is Verity Frost?

Obviously Verity Frost isn’t my real name. But who is she and where does she come from?

My writing is very character focused. I tend to put all my attention on who is involved and less on the actual plot. It’s one of the failings of my creativity. I’ve put so much time into my characters that I have it narrowed down to around 20 of my favorites, many of which appear in multiple stories. One such character is Verity. All of my favorites have detailed personas (templates I have from my PBeM RPG days) and none is more detailed than Verity. Verity is basically myself in reverse. Where I’m reserved, she’s outgoing. Where I’m organized, she’s messy. She has curly hair and I have straight hair. She’s impulsive, enthusiastic, determined, governed by her emotions. She’s an ENFJ where I’m an INTJ and she always wears purple, which is my favorite color thanks to her.

I believe that I created her for a story reminiscent of Narnia where a girl named Helen goes into an alternate universe where everything is the true person/thing they are in the real world. She started out staying Helen when she went into the world but I had some trouble finding a power for her. Memories and exploding were my main two options.

Here’s where it starts getting fuzzy. I also moved Helen into my story about the show Heroes which I believe is where she developed the power to see the truth. At some point she stopped being Helen and became Verity, which means truth. She next appeared as a witch in a Harry Potter story who owned a muggle zoo. That story was where she became one of my favorites and for a while I made her into my main character for all things Hogwarts related. She also made a brief appearance on Pern before finding her way onto my Brainship. On the Brainship I found her soul mate (a rare phenomenon among my cast) and the pair became my #1.

She has appeared in almost every large story since then and I have made her into who I wish I was. I have characters that are like me, characters who are the opposite of me, characters who I just find interesting, and one character who is what I aspire to be like.


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